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Singular Research Director’s Letter : July 2015

Small Caps Continue Their Strength Against the seemingly eternal backdrop of Greek-EU discussions, small caps continued to outperform their larger cap peers.  Given that smaller companies tend to be less exposed to foreign issues such as disrupted end markets … [Read More...]

Robert Maltbie

The Fragile State of the Micro & Small Cap Markets

Robert Maltbie, President of Singular Research keynotes Stars Conference June 10, 2015 "The Fragile State of the Micro & Small Cap Markets."   … [Read More...]

Superior Hedge Fund Results

  • Actionable Ideas for institutional investors
  • 8-year Track Record of superior performance - alpha
  • Analyst Starmine** Awards - 15 awards in the last 3 quarters
  • Discovery Research
    • Undercovered companies with expectation of superior near-term stock price appreciation
  • Coverage Universe
    • 47 companies in many industries, all US exchanges
    • Median market value above $200 million
    • Several over $2 billion market value
    • Median daily market volume over $850,000
    • Several over $10 million daily market volume
  • 8 Senior Analysts
  • Frequent Media Coverage on CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg TV

** Starmine awards recognize analyst estimate accuracy and
recommendation performance by Thomson Reuters.



BOTU 2015 Conference Announcement

Singular Research 10th Annual Best of the Uncovereds 2015 Singular Research is pleased to announce its Tenth Annual “Best of the Uncovereds” Conference on September 17, 2015 at the Luxe Sunset Bel Air in Los Angeles, CA.  Over 30 high quality companies, representing the most compelling and timely ideas in small and micro caps today, will be […]

Small-Cap Stars Spring Conference 2015

Robert Maltbie of Singular Research is the keynote speaker at the Small-Cap Stars Conference, June 10th – Convene – Times Square, New York City.

Small Cap Stars Spring Conference NYC 2015

June 10 – Convene – New York City Keynote speaker Robert Maltbie, CEO of Singular Research.  Registration is now open.

Top Performers 2014

REX 120.34%
LABL 46.85%
EDGW 38.05%
P 32.97%
ACU 34.16%
GSIG 30.96%
ANGI 28.12%
VTNR 25.07%

Best Picks of 2013

ANIK 293.9%  
ACET 148.9%
REX 131.8%
NNBR 120.4%
LEDR 99.2%
DXPE 94.8%
EDGW 83.9%
TESS 82.1%
FTK 64.5%
NEWT 64.4%
TIS 62.4%
BCPC 61.0%
PSMT 58.4%
SMP 58.0%
BOLT 54.2%
"The greatest short on earth". Robert Maltbie recommends short of FaceBook on IPO day.