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Small Caps on Fire

Since the election of Trump is November small caps have led the market by a wide margin with a rally has been broad base judging by the leading performance of the value line arithmetic index, which is a more equal weighted index. If the incoming … [Read More...]

Singular Research Director’s Letter : January 2017

Post-Election Equity Market Euphoria Continues The two month equity market rally began to take a breather when the Fed raised interest rates in December. We anticipate several more tightening moves by the Fed in 2017, driven by an uptick in the pace of … [Read More...]

Market Indicators & Strategy Report January 4, 2017

The MMI Are Neutral After Flirting With Bearish Indications   Our weekly calculation of the Major Market Indicators scores neutral this week. This week’s neutral score follows two weeks in a row the Major Market Indicators index had scored … [Read More...]

Superior Hedge Fund Results

  • Actionable Ideas for institutional investors
  • 8-year Track Record of superior performance - alpha
  • Analyst Starmine** Awards - 15 awards in the last 3 quarters
  • Discovery Research
    • Undercovered companies with expectation of superior near-term stock price appreciation
  • Coverage Universe
    • 47 companies in many industries, all US exchanges
    • Median market value above $200 million
    • Several over $2 billion market value
    • Median daily market volume over $850,000
    • Several over $10 million daily market volume
  • 8 Senior Analysts
  • Frequent Media Coverage on CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg TV

** Starmine awards recognize analyst estimate accuracy and
recommendation performance by Thomson Reuters.


Fall 2016 Webinar Meeting Audio Links

Audio Links are now available from the “Singular Research Uncovered Values & Special Situation” Fall 2016 Webinar Meetings Singular WebCall Wednesday, December 14, 2016 6:00 am  |  Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)  |  8 hrs Click on Ticker for Audio Link ACET : Aceto Corp. ACU : Acme United Corporation AMRK : A-Mark Precious Metals […]

Singular Research Investor’s Business Daily Ad

‘Best of the Uncovereds’ 1-1 Institutional Summit on September 22, 2016, Bel Air, California

Singular Research Announces Top Analysts Awards for 2015

Best Calls Top Picks 2015: INTL : +66%: Jeremy Hellman STMP +47%: Debra Fiakas Most New Initiations: Debra Fiakas (7) Most Votes for Team Support: Debra Fiakas & Lisa Springer Congrats to Debra & Lisa for their performance, hard work and diligence in supporting Singular Research to stay on Top as Best of Breed in […]

Top Performers 2016

REX 82.63%
IRIX 56.22%
IGXT 50.00%
AMRS 48.97%
ACU 46.85%
KLIC 36.67%
SNC 33.14%

Top Performers 2015

INTL 62.66%
STMP 47.75%
LBMH 40.16%
FLXS 36.99%
KMG 30.97%
CPS 26.82%
ACET 24.33%
IOSP 24.27%
NNBR 24.07%
AFH 21.93%

Top Performers 2014

REX 120.34%
LABL 46.85%
EDGW 38.05%
P 32.97%
ACU 34.16%
GSIG 30.96%
ANGI 28.12%
VTNR 25.07%

Best Picks of 2013

ANIK 293.9%
ACET 148.9%
REX 131.8%
NNBR 120.4%
LEDR 99.2%
DXPE 94.8%
EDGW 83.9%
TESS 82.1%
FTK 64.5%
NEWT 64.4%
TIS 62.4%
BCPC 61.0%
PSMT 58.4%
SMP 58.0%
BOLT 54.2%
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