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Singular Research Director’s Letter : May 2015

Small Caps Limp to the Finish Line After remaining fairly level throughout much of April, small caps fell roughly 4% over the last four trading sessions of the month. While also down over the last few days of the month, larger caps did not suffer as severe a … [Read More...]


Singular Research Director’s Letter : March 2015

Markets Find Direction to the Upside Both large and small caps posted solid returns in February as earnings season hit its stride. As is so often the case, outside factors such as geopolitical concerns and so forth recede while investors focus on whether or … [Read More...]

Superior Hedge Fund Results

  • Actionable Ideas for institutional investors
  • 8-year Track Record of superior performance - alpha
  • Analyst Starmine** Awards - 15 awards in the last 3 quarters
  • Discovery Research
    • Undercovered companies with expectation of superior near-term stock price appreciation
  • Coverage Universe
    • 47 companies in many industries, all US exchanges
    • Median market value above $200 million
    • Several over $2 billion market value
    • Median daily market volume over $850,000
    • Several over $10 million daily market volume
  • 8 Senior Analysts
  • Frequent Media Coverage on CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg TV

** Starmine awards recognize analyst estimate accuracy and
recommendation performance by Thomson Reuters.


Small Cap Stars Spring Conference NYC 2015

June 10 – Convene – New York City Keynote speaker Robert Maltbie, CEO of Singular Research.  Registration is now open. speaks with Robert Maltbie, President of Singular Research

This video interview may include forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Forward- looking statements are statements that are not historical facts and are subject to risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ from the forward-looking statements. To read our full disclosure, please go to:

Multi-Color Corp. Web Call Access

Register below to access the audio for the Multi-Color Corp. (LABL) – with Nigel Vinecombe, President and CEO from Wednesday February 11th.

Top Performers 1st half 2014

VTNR +187.8%
REX +66.5%
BONE +44%
ANIK +29.3%
NNBR +29.1%
SA +26.2%
NVMI +20.9%
GENC +18.8%
ANGI +18.7%
(closed out)
THRM +18.6%
RMCF +17.2%

Best Picks of 2013

ANIK 293.9%  
ACET 148.9%
REX 131.8%
NNBR 120.4%
LEDR 99.2%
DXPE 94.8%
EDGW 83.9%
TESS 82.1%
FTK 64.5%
NEWT 64.4%
TIS 62.4%
BCPC 61.0%
PSMT 58.4%
SMP 58.0%
BOLT 54.2%
"The greatest short on earth". Robert Maltbie recommends short of FaceBook on IPO day.