About 2004 Performance

Welcome to Singular Research Research. 2004 proved to be a great year for our stocks' performance (Hyperlink to PDF Performance Graphic) with a total return of 49.2% versus 9.4% for the S&P over the same period. Standouts included Parlux Fragrances, up 170.8% since mid August, Acme United, up 76.4% since the end of September, and Iris International, up 48.9% since early August.

Licensing fragrances from such celebrities as Paris Hilton and Maria Sharapova, Parlux Fragrances is seeing booming demand for its products. Our analyst has recently raised her price target from $14 to $20 based on the strength of the business, and faster growth estimates.

Acme United, a leading manufacture of scissors and rulers, continues to deliver stellar results beating our analyst's EPS estimates by $0.15 in Q3:04 and growing EPS at better than 144% through the first nine months of 2004. Margins are expanding and indebtedness is falling leaving our analyst to raise his price target from $15 to $16.

Iris International, operating in the hot medical devices field, is growing revenue at better than 40%, and our analyst recently raised her price target from $9 to $12 based on this better than expected strength in the business. Gross margins have expanded for all divisions.

While these three names stand out, it is important to notice that every single BUY rated stock on our list outperformed the S&P 500 through the end of the year, a truly astonishing record. Of the two SELL rated stocks, NVE Corp. dropped 21.6% leading to an almost 15% outperformance of the S&P 500. The other SELL rated stock, Travelzoo, was initiated on so close to the end of the year (12/20/04) that the results are immaterial. Nonetheless, we are happy to see that this recommendation is also currently in the black.

In addition to our stock picks, we hope you'll find our screens and other resources valuable as well. If you are looking for quick trading ideas, check out our Swing Trades (Hyperlink) screen based on technical analysis. Value investors, check out our Mid Cap GARP screen (Hyperlink). Contrarians, looking for that list of stocks with endless success already baked into its price? Look no further than our list of "Cocktail Party" (Hyperlink) stocks.

Subscribers will find much more inside. Why not sign up for a free one month trial? If you believe as we do, that most asset classes are overvalued, and we're in for mid single digit type returns on the major US indices, then successful stock picking will become even more crucial for market beating returns. Let us help you to a prosperous 2005. Happy trading.

Harris Hall, CFA
Director of Research, Singular Research.

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