Small Cap Nation Interview with Robert Maltbie of Singular Research

SCN’s Wendy Gillette sits down with CEO Robert Maltbie of Singular Research, to discuss the independent equity research firm.

Singular Research, LLC is an independent equity research firm. It specializes in small-to-micro cap companies to the small-to-medium sized hedge fund manager. The firm focuses on uncovered micro and small caps and overvalued mid and large caps. It covers companies in many industries on United States exchanges. The firm seeks to identify under covered companies with expectation of superior near-term stock price appreciation. It conducts quantitative proprietary screening and its research includes traditional fundamental analysis. The firm offers smart screens which employ fundamentals-based multifactor quantitative models for shorts, sector pairs, insider trades and GARP. It provides reports, monthly index, calls, earnings scorecards and model portfolio stats. The firm provides market indicators, strategic report and conducts conferences. It caters to institutional managers. The firm is based in Calabasas, California with an additional office in New York City, New York.

Singular Research aims to be the most trusted supplier of independent, trusted, single-source research on small-to-micro cap companies to the small-to-medium sized Hedge Fund manager. We will provide quarterly updates for 40 to 70 companies and make recommendations. How do we strive to achieve our Mission / Goal?

Find under or overvalued securities: Our goal is to provide initiation reports and quarterly updates for approximately 40 micro to small cap companies. In most cases, our analysts research companies that are not covered by any other firms.
We provide Honest Advice: Our Independent analysts have no financial interest in the stocks we cover. Analysts are compensated based on the accuracy of their research calls not through trading commissions or potential deal flow.
Track Record: Our picks have gained 299.3% since inception in 2004, compared with a gain of 116.4% for the Russell 2000 and 77.8% for the S&P 500 over the same period.