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Hotels: AMA does not arrange hotel accommodations. However, AMA has negotiated preferred rates at the following hotels based upon availability. Be sure to mention that you are an AMA conference attendee to secure your reservation and preferred rates. Reservations made after the cutoff date may be charged a higher rate. Contact the hotels below directly. Note: that we recommend that reservations be made early, as the number of rooms at preferred rates is limited.

Belvedere Hotel:


Crowne Plaza:

IPAMA at 15% off
AMA Attendees

Sheraton New York Times Square:


Motto Hilton Times Square – 150 West 48th Street St, between 6th and 7th Ave


Just pick the needed check in date, check out date and click update, the discounted rate will populate first.

  • Waived destination fee, saving of $34 per room, per night
  • 14% off
  • Hotel room count: 400
  • For call in: 212-668-8648 ext. 4612
  • *Reference AMA/local neighborhood discount rate

Hilton Garden Inn Times Square North – 30 W 46th St, between 6th Av and 5th Av


Just pick the needed check in date, check out date and click update, the discounted rate will populate first.

  • 14% off
  • Hotel room count: 198
  • For call in: 646-569-6747
  • Reference AMA/local neighborhood discount rate


Please note the Motto Hilton Times Square will usually end up being a lower price point as it is twice the size of our Hilton Garden Inn property.


Link for Directions:

(The cross street is 48th and Broadway with the entrance on 48th Street. Please take the elevator to the 6th Floor)


The below link is for locating Parking Garages near our Center:



Shipping Address: (No Freight Fees):

American Management Association
1601 Broadway 6th Floor
NY, NY 10019

Attention: Ruben Cobos

Please reference company name on the box and share the tracking information with us when available.

Nearby Landmarks & Attractions (within 15 minutes, walking)

  • Grand Central Station
  • Times Square
  • United Nations HQ
  • New York Public Library
  • Empire State Building
  • Bryant Park
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Top of the Rock
  • NFL Experience Times Square
  • Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum
  • All of Broadway’s most notable theaters