GreenBox POS: A Potential Crypto Based Multi-Bagger



GreenBox POS: A Potential Crypto Based Multi-Bagger

GreenBox POS, a technology company, develops, markets, and sells blockchain-based payment solutions. The Company's blockchainbased systems are designed to facilitate, record, and store a volume of tokenized assets, representing cash or data, on a blockchain-based ledger. GreenBox POS was incorporated in 2007 and is based in San Diego, California.


June 28, 2021

Price (as of close on June 28, 2021)






12- Month Target Price 

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 GreenBox POS (GBOX)

GreenBox POS (GBOX) After the successful launch of their Gen 3 software, revenues grew 2,437% to $4.7 million in Q1:21. During the quarter, processing volume grew to $315 million which was a sequential increase of 141%. The Company has made several acquisitions and aligned management for their upcoming token launch which should transform the payment processing industry. We are bullish on GBOX’s long-term prospects. We initiate with a BUY rating and a blocked contentblocked content.

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Investment Thesis

➢ GBOX delivered a strong Q1:21 with revenues up over 2,437% an d p rocessi ng volume up 141%.

➢ GBOX is the only end-to-end, transactional ecosystem that is Payment Card In dustry (PCI) Level 1 compliant, the highest PCI rating possible.

➢ GBOX’s stabilized Gen 3 ecosystem fulfills both the back and front ends of the payment processing chain which will allow the firm to capture a more significant market share of transaction volume.

➢ GBOX’s token is reversible with a finite-life and settles instantaneously. No o ther token h as these similar characteristics.

➢ The Gen 3 ecosystem has no barriers to scalability which will bolster GBOX’s p rofitabili ty as processing volume increases.

➢ The Company has several patents on their technology, making it nearly impossible for a competitor to copy their ecosystem.

➢ We are bullish on GBOX’s long-term prospects. We initiate coverage with a BUY rati n g an d a price target of blocked contentblocked contentblocked contentblocked contentblocked content



➢ Merchants could be slow in adopting Gen 3 and/or the token. This hesitati on co uld result in lower processing volume and revenue.

➢ The joint venture in the GBOX token may be delayed or be less than anticipated.


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