Argonaut Fund's 2021 Performance Review and 2022 Outlook


Wednesday, January 26 at 2 pm PDT





Argonaut 2000 Partners LP is ranked in the top 2% of Long/Short equity funds at Eureka Hedge since 1/1/19. Join us on Wednesday, January 26 at 2:00 pm PDT for a review of 2021 and fund managers' 2022 strategic outlook.

Topics and industries of discussion will include:

  • Value vs. growth in a higher yield environment
  • Why the Fed may not be able to stop inflation this time
  • Post pandemic repositioning
  • A new market beat? Downside & duration potential

We will be joined by: Chris Sakai, CFA and Rob Schapiro, CFA to discuss their top ideas for 2022.

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