January 2005 Director's Letter

Director's Letter
January 2005

January was another great month for Singular's research picks. Our research list was up 2.64% versus a 2.34% decline in the S&P 500 leading to an almost 500 basis point outperformance.

Performance was broad based, driven by strong performances from Travelzoo Inc. (TZOO:SELL) Adam's Energy (AE:BUY), Hansen Natural Corp. (HANS:BUY), Acme United Corp. (ACU:BUY), and American Physicians Service Group Inc. (AMPH:BUY).

Travelzoo Inc. dropped an eye popping 39.3% during the month as investors realized the company could never grow free cash flow fast enough to meet the expectations imbedded in the stock price. However, even at $58, TZOO still trades at a forward PE of 70, and a trailing PE of 174 and still has a way to go to our price target of $23.

Adam's Energy not only rose over 20% in January, but is up another 17% so far in February. The stock still has another 20% to our $30 price target. Hansen was up 12.3% in January and now exceeds our $32 price target. Since we initiated on Hansen with a BUY rating the stock is up 71%. Our rating is under review. Acme United put in another good month, up almost 9% as a competing firm put ACU on its list of  to watch. ACU is up 90% since we launched with a BUY rating last year. Finally, AMPH was up 8.6% in January.

Of course not every call worked out. Image Sensing Systems (ISNS:BUY) was down 11.3% despite being picked as a "Hidden Gem" on the Motley Fool, a month and a half after we launched on it. Our $18 price target implies another 20% gain from current levels. Our calls on Interlink Electronics (LINK:BUY), CPI Aerostructures (CVU:BUY), NVE Corp. (NVEC:SELL) were down 10.8%, 10.6%, and 10.8% respectively.

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